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Lunch Break

Mountain croque-monsieur served with green salad 12.90€
Hamburger Montagnard Stuffed minced steak, raclette cheese served with fries 16.90€
Italian burger Stuffed minced steak, gorgonzola, dried tomatoes served with fries 16.90€
Farmer's hamburger Breaded chicken, potato rostï, served with fries 16.90€

Our Fresh Pasta

Pappardelle with Italian Carbonara 15.90€
Giganti ravioli with creamy porcini mushrooms 18.90€
Fiochietti with gorgonzola sauce with Queyras blue cheese 16.90€
Bolognese Tortelinni 15.90€
Taglione verde with grilled vegetables pesto and pine nuts 15.90€

Our Starters

Snails in parsley  x6 : 10.90€ | x12 : 19.90€
Mozzarella di Buratta beefsteak tomato carpaccio with two colors and basil  13.90€
Platter of Franco-Italian charcuterie sliced ​​on the spot to share  17.90€

Our grilled meats

Marinated beef steak 200 gr served with chef's potato, gorgonzola sauce 24€
Lamb shank with thyme 300 gr served with chef's potato 26€
T bone of veal approx 350 gr Ceps sauce served with chef's potato 27€
Prime rib 350gr served with chef's potato 32€

Our supplements

Green salad 3.50€
Plate of French fries 5.50€
Sauces, Béarnaise, Ceps, Cocktail, Barbecue 3.50€

Children's menu (10 years old max)

Pizza or children's pasta carbo or bolognese or Corn Flakes of chicken, Fish ship
Brownies or child ice cream
14€ - Free gift

Our desserts

Creme brulee 8€
Artisanal lemon meringue tartlet 9€
Artisanal Chocolate Igloo 9€
Chef's tiramisu 9€
Pear entremet and its homemade chocolate coulis 9€
Lemon or orange frosted 6€

Ice cream cups and desserts

« Artisanal ice cream from the Hautes Alpes »

Ice cream: 1 scoop €3.00, 2 scoops €5.50, 3 scoops €8.00
Supplement whipped cream 1.50€

Flavor Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, raisin rum, chocolate mint, coconut, caramel, genepi
Strawberry, lemon, raspberry
Liégeois coffee or chocolate
1 vanilla scoop, 2 chocolate or coffee scoops, homemade chocolate or coffee coulis, whipped cream
White Lady
3 scoops of vanilla, homemade chocolate coulis, whipped cream
3 scoops lemon, vodka
Fresh 27
2 chocolate scoops, 1 mint/chocolate, Get27
1 raspberry scoop, 1 Génépi scoop, 1 lemon scoop, Génépi
Ice Bounty
2 coconut scoops, 1 chocolate, homemade chocolate coulis, whipped cream

Our mountain specialties

Chonchon des Hautes Alpes: baked cheese in its brick tile, and its house compote of candied onions and bacon bits, served with steamed potato, salad and its Alpine sausage. 24€
Pasteurized mountain raclette: salad, fine charcuterie and potato 22€ / per person (min 2 people)
Smoked Savoie raclette with thermized milk, salad, delicatessen and potatoes 25€ / per person (min 2 people)
Raw milk raclette from Queyras “Hautes Alpes”, salad, delicatessen and potatoes 28€ / per person (min 2 people)
Fondue Savoyarde: bread, salad 24€ / per person (min 2 people)
Savoyard fondue with porcini mushrooms: bread, salad 28€ / per person (min 2 people)
Fondue bourguignonne: Beef, salad, fries With red wine : 24€ / per person (min 2 people)
With oil : 28€ / per person (min 2 people)
Gourmet stone grill
Beef, grilled chicken, salad, vegetables, fries
28€ / per person (min 2 people)