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Our Gourmet Salads (only for lunch)

Névache goat cheese salad
Salad, beefsteak tomato, Névache goat cheese toast, Névache honey, bacon bits and onions
Italian Salad
Farfalle pasta, beefsteak tomatoes, buratta mozzarella, tuna, artichoke heart, sun-dried tomatoes, Parma ham
Vegetarian Salad
Salad, beefsteak tomatoes, grilled vegetables, heart of artichokes, Mozza Burrata

Lunch Break

Mountain croque-monsieur served with green salad 12.90€
Sicilian arancini, salad 13.90€
Knife-cut beef tartare served with chef's potatoes and pan-fried fresh vegetables 17.90€

Our Fresh Pasta

Pappardelle with Italian Carbonara 15.90€
Giganti ravioli with creamy porcini mushrooms 17.90€
Fiochietti with gorgonzola sauce with Queyras blue cheese 16.90€
Bolognese Tortelinni 15.90€
Taglione verde with grilled vegetables pesto and pine nuts 15.90€

Our Starters

Snails in parsley  x6 : 9.90€ | x12 : 18.90€
Mozzarella di Buratta beefsteak tomato carpaccio with two colors and basil  13.90€
Platter of Franco-Italian charcuterie sliced ​​on the spot to share  17.90€

Our meats

All our meats are served with our side dishes of the day or fries

Chicken skewer 300 gr marinated thyme, lemon, served with chef's potatoes and pan-fried fresh vegetables 22€
Homemade beef skewer 300 gr, lemon, spices served with chef's potatoes and pan-fried fresh vegetables 24€
Chef's Milanese cutlet and pasta, arugula, parmesan 22€
Barbecue pork ribs 450 gr served with chef's potatoes and pan-fried fresh vegetables 25€

Our supplements

Green salad 3.50€
Plate of French fries 5.50€
Sauces, Béarnaise, Ceps, Cocktail, Barbecue 3.50€

Children's menu (10 years old max)

Choice of pizzas or children's pasta or chicken Corn Flakes, butter pasta
Brownies or child ice cream
12€ - Free gift

Our desserts

Creme brulee 7€
Chef's tiramisu 8€
Pear entremet and its homemade chocolate coulis 7€
Artisanal lemon meringue tartlet 8€
Lemon or orange frosted 6€

Ice cream cups and desserts

« Artisanal ice cream from the Hautes Alpes »

Ice cream: 1 scoop €3.00, 2 scoops €5.50, 3 scoops €8.00
Supplement whipped cream 1.50€

Flavor Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, raisin rum, chocolate mint, coconut, caramel, genepi
Strawberry, lemon, raspberry
Liégeois coffee or chocolate
1 vanilla scoop, 2 chocolate or coffee scoops, homemade chocolate or coffee coulis, whipped cream
White Lady
3 scoops of vanilla, homemade chocolate coulis, whipped cream
3 scoops lemon, vodka
Fresh 27
2 chocolate scoops, 1 mint/chocolate, Get27
1 raspberry scoop, 1 Génépi scoop, 1 lemon scoop, Génépi
Ice Bounty
2 coconut scoops, 1 chocolate, homemade chocolate coulis, whipped cream

Our mountain specialties

Chonchon des Hautes Alpes: baked cheese in its brick tile, and its house compote of candied onions and bacon bits, served with steamed potato, salad and its Alpine sausage. 22€
Pasteurized mountain raclette: salad, fine charcuterie and potato 22€ / per person (min 2 people)
Smoked Savoie raclette with thermized milk, salad, delicatessen and potatoes 25€ / per person (min 2 people)
Raw milk raclette from Queyras “Hautes Alpes”, salad, delicatessen and potatoes 28€ / per person (min 2 people)
Fondue Savoyarde: bread, salad 23€ / per person (min 2 people)
Savoyard fondue with porcini mushrooms: bread, salad 26€ / per person (min 2 people)
Fondue bourguignonne: Beef, salad, fries With red wine : 24€ / per person (min 2 people)
With oil : 28€ / per person (min 2 people)
Gourmet stone grill
Beef, chicken, foie gras salad, fries
28€ / per person (min 2 people)